Past projects

Story Lovers – 2019

E17 Puppet Project, working in partnership with local pre-schools and nurseries, and with support from Waltham Forest Libraries, delivered ‘Story Lovers’ – a series of storytelling and craft workshops featuring puppets, books, songs and imagination!


Story Bag
Shadow puppets with moon-COLLAGE
Dragons on the Moon
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The Vote – 2018

To commemorate the women’s vote centenary in 1918, E17 Puppet Project created The Vote, a show to introduce family audiences to this event using a combination of live action drama, puppetry and audience participation.


The Vote 3
The Vote 2
The Vote 4
The Vote
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Vikings & Valkyries – 2017

Coinciding with the 140th anniversary of the publication of William Morris’ epic poem ‘Sigurd the Volsung and the Fall of the Niblungs’, and after the success of our commissioned puppet show ‘Sigurd the Volsung’, we created a performance to continue the story…


V&V Morris & puppet
V&V Southbank
V&VNigel as a Viking
V&V She-wolf
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Sigurd the Volsung – 2015/16

This puppet show was commissioned by the William Morris Gallery.

The premiere took place at the Gallery for the event:‘Museums at Night Family Sleepover: Expedition to Iceland’

E17 Puppet Project simplified parts of the complex William Morris’ epic poem ‘Sigurd the Volsung and the Fall of the Niblungs’ in a way that families and children of all ages were able to understand the plot.


Vikings and Valkyries puppets photos
Sigurd 1
Sigurd 2
Sigurd 4
Sigurd 3
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First World War – 2014/15

A series of workshops to mark the 100th anniversary of the outbreak of the First World War


image - WW1 3
image - WW1 4
image - WW1 1
image - WW1 2
image - WW1 5
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Booktime – 2014

This project built on the success of our earlier Booktime Literacy Project (2012) and provided innovative literacy workshops for 1,020 children who started reception in September 2013. The workshops took place in a number of Waltham Forest libraries (Lea Bridge, Leyton, Higham Hill, Wood Street and Walthamstow Central) with participating primary schools located within walking distance. As part of the workshops, children watched a short show explaining the benefits of joining the library, made their own sock puppets and created their own stories. In addition, those children who were not members received their very own library card.


image - 2014booktime4
image - 2014booktime3
image - 2014booktime2
image - 2014booktime1
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Puppets at Whipps Cross Hospital – 2014

Through this project we are reaching the children who have been admitted to Whipps Cross Hospital and/or who are attending the hospital for on-going treatment. Project staff use various techniques to engage the children in puppet making and storytelling, thus alleviating their stay in hospital. This is what the participating children and their parent/carers have said so far:
‘I though this workshop was excellent. My daughter was upset when she was in the room and taking part in a creative workshop helped settle her and deal with her situation much better.’


image - Whipps1
image - Whipps2
image - Whipps3
image - Whipps5
image - Whipps6
image - Whipps7
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The Shadow who lost his Boy – 2013

Do you look after your shadow? What would happen if you lost it… or if it lost you?
Come and see ‘The Shadow who lost his Boy’ the latest E17 Puppet Project’s shadow show for ages 5 and above.


image - shadow1
image - shadow2
image - shadow3
image - shadow4
image - shadow5
image - shadow6
image - shadow7
image - shadow8
image - shadow9
image - shadow10
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Shadow puppet workshops – 2012


image - shadowpuppets1
image - shadowpuppets2
image - shadowpuppets3
image - shadowpuppets4
image - shadowpuppets5
image - shadowpuppets6
image - shadowpuppets7
image - shadowpuppets8
image - shadowpuppets9
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Hare & Tortoise – 2012

Hare likes winning. A lot. So when he challenges an animal to race him round London and Tortoise steps forward, he’s not exactly worried. How can he ever lose?

Alexandra Leiva – Director / Puppeteer​
Enric Ortuño – Puppeteer
David Hollingsworth – Voiceover
Yarit Dor – Voiceover
Liz Hyder – Playwright
Nicholas Wand – Design
Mat Wood – Soundtrack engineer
Penny Dampier- Photography


image - hare1
image - hare2
image - hare3
image - hare4
image - hare5
image - hare6
image - hare7
image - hare8
image - hare9
image - hare10
image - hare11
image - hare12
image - hare13
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Booktime – 2012

Our first Booktime Literacy Project provided innovative literacy workshops at Walthamstow Library where participating children learned about the library, made their own sock puppet and were registered for a library card if they did not already have one.


image - 2012booktime1
image - 2012booktime2
image - 2012booktime3
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Welcome to the Circus – 2011

Roll up, roll up ladies and gentleman! Take your seats for a performance of a lifetime. The Circus is in town ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to the CIRCUS!​ The circus is in town… inside the big bright tent, you could hear all the animals and all the performers getting ready… shall we step inside and see what we can find? Let’s go!

Alexandra Leiva – Director / Lead Puppeteer​
Enric Ortuño – Puppeteer
David Hollingsworth – Voiceover
Liz Hyder – Playwright
Mat Wood – Soundtrack engineer​
Alex Bell – Photography


image - circus8
image - circus1
image - circus2
image - circus3
image - circus4
image - circus5
image - circus6
image - circus7
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Josh & Tish – 2010

A colourful shadow puppetry show about the adventures of Josh and Tish, two brave little fish.

Alexandra Leiva – Director / Lead Puppeteer​
David Hollingsworth – Voiceover
Liz Hyder – Playwright
Mat Wood – Soundtrack engineer


image - tish1
image - tish2
image - tish3
image - tish4
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The Great Big Red Apple – 2010

The elephant has never seen such a beautiful apple in his life. He really wants it, but it’s too high up in the tree. Will he be able to get it?


image - apple1
image - apple2
image - apple3
image - apple4
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